5 Mouthwatering Fillings for Crêpes to Try for Dinner

Who hasn’t heard of the ever-so-popular French dessert – crêpes? They are such a treat to the eyes and the tastebuds, and anyone who’s had them with chocolate, bananas, honey, and cold cuts would agree – they are delicious! Well, delve into five recipes that may seem unorthodox to many people but are worth trying. You never know, one of these might be your new favorite thing to eat. Your guests might also be very impressed if you serve one of these delicious recipes at your next dinner party.

Five Mouthwatering Fillings for Crêpes to Try for DinnerSmoked Salmon and Cream Cheese

It may sound a little strange if you think about it, but don’t think – try it! You’d be enjoying 12-inch crêpes with shallot, caper, and cream cheese with a hint of dill. Top all that off with some smoked salmon, spinach salad, and a few plum tomatoes, and there you have it! We’ve all eaten smoked salmon at one point or another. The taste might be a little heavy when eating it all by itself, but if you mix it with fresh-tasting cream cheese, your tastebuds might explode with joy!

Try Some Fresh Filipino Crêpes

These delicate spring rolls, as they’re often referred to, contain coconut if you can believe it. Line the inside with lettuce leaves and fill it with fresh vegetables. It’s a light and delicious meal! Get ready for something new that might be to your liking. After all, many people enjoy the taste of fresh veggies and rice, so why not try them as a combination? It might be the mouthwatering combo you need.

Crespelle With Ricotta and Marinara

This is the Italian version of the magnificent French delicacy – the crespelle. You can make them sweet or savory. This specific recipe from chef Tony Mantuano calls for the softer cousin of the dessert to be filled generously with ricotta and then baked in rich marinara sauce. The combination takes you straight to Italy – you’ll have that vacation without leaving the dinner table!

Barley With Cabbage and Sauce

Have you heard of barley crêpes with cabbage and sauce? At first glance, these delicacies might look strange, especially when you read the word ‘barley,’ but why not give them a try? It never hurts to try something new, because it might become something favorite to munch on or serve when guests come over.

Vietnamese and Crispy, Anyone?

Star chef, Charles Phan, has a brand-new take on the original French crêpes. He calls them ‘happy pancakes’ and makes them lacy thin, and crispy. They might not be typical because they are made with pureed mung beans, coconut milk, rice flour, and scallions. It sounds completely different, but just what you need to freshen up your dinner table!

Crêpes have been around for a long time, and people across the globe have heard of them. They can pretty much be made from anything, and everything can be added. It’s your choice how you want to enjoy your thinner pancakes and whether to eat them as breakfast, as is internationally acceptable, or break the mold and have them at dinner. You might start a new dinner trend!