The 6 Best Country Albums of 2022

Country music has a way of hitting the heart and going straight for the feels. It’s expressive and can relate to anyone – the lyrics are deep, or often describe a person’s journey. It’s a very relatable type of music with a catchy tune to boot – who wouldn’t want to listen to the top albums for years and years ahead? If you appreciate country tunes, check out these fantastic stars and their albums!

6 Fine Country and Americana Albums That Will Last for Years AheadRaised by Hailey Whitters

Whitter’s third country music album is the perfect blend between the romanticism of the heartland and small-town claustrophobia. Her tunes are folksy and groovy and the sounds, stories, and styles come together for a perfect tune to listen to in the car.

Palomino by Miranda Lambert

This Nashville superstar loves to break the rules, and her music shows her sense of music and personal wanderlust – those two qualities govern everything she does. Sit back and enjoy her sudden waterworks songs that start a bit corny, or her freewheeling masterpieces.

American Heartbreak – Country by Zack Bryan

He is an Oklahoma native who blew up as a major superstar with this debut masterpiece. As a skilled storyteller, he manages to bring a poetic flair to his songs, sung with a raw intensity yet arranged like a backyard jam.

The New Faith by Jake Blount

He plays the banjos, he’s a scholar and a singer, and his album is innovative and forward-thinking. For his songs, he digs deep into the past to create a thorough, modern story that speaks to anyone who enjoys the folksy music style.

The Hometown Kid by Gabe Lee

Lee’s third country album gloriously displays homesickness, heartbreak, and growth, and it’s a marvel to listen to! He combines sobering realizations that you could never quite go home with memories of past lovers, and a deep examination of the soul. Every lyric is filled with feeling by his brassy, passionate voice.

Neon Blue by Joshua Hedley

Hedley manages to pull off the ’90s vibes very convincingly and genuinely. He is from Nashville and is a proud working-class musician. His songs celebrate the purity of the entire genre and are meant for having a cold beverage and shedding a tear or two.

Whichever country album you choose to listen to from the list, you will surely dive into the genre and explore your feelings of homesickness, nostalgia, heartbreak, and some folksy tunes. Put on an album, pour yourself a refreshing beverage, and enjoy the beautiful voices and classic, emotional feels of the music style and its wonderful, blooming artists!