Heavy Metal Legend Rob Halford Shares How He Was “Giddy” About New Duet With Dolly Parton, and Reveals His Adorable Passion

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Heavy metal icon Rob Halford got to meet and sing with the country diva Dolly Parton at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and he was pumped. After the performance, he was over the moon and said he was a total fanboy. They even did a song together for Dolly’s new album called Rockstar, which came out on November 17.

An Epic Collaboration

Rob stated that he was asked to join Dolly Parton in making a song for her album, which was just in the planning stages, and he agreed. The song was made and is one of Dolly’s favorites on the whole album. They even had Nikki Sixx and John 5 from Mötley Crüe playing guitar. Dolly shared with Rob that their voices together made the song extra special.

The song, “Bygones,” is making waves. Loudwire says the “metal god” and the “queen of country” sound fantastic together, creating a catchy and soaring chorus. Vulture even called Dolly a “Judas Priestess” and hailed it as a headbanger of a track. When the song dropped in June, it rocked to number one on the Mediabase Classic Rock Songs chart. Rob is thrilled with the response, and recording together was a dream come true for him.

Rob’s Remarkable Journey

Born in Britain, Rob Halford has shown he’s truly incredible. In 2022, he and his Judas Priest bandmates received Musical Excellence honors from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Back in 2010, they clinched a Grammy for Best Metal Performance with “Dissident Aggressor.”

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Fans affectionately call Rob the “Metal God” for his leather, studs, tattoos, and iconic stage motorcycle rides. At 72, he’s a revered figure in the scene, known for his unmatched vocal talent across his impressive 50+ year career.

Heavy Metal and Meows

Rob Halford isn’t just about roaring guitars and headbanging. His softer side emerges on social media, where he showcases his love for felines. A devoted supporter of Los Angeles’ Kitten Rescue, he donates signed shirts and merchandise featuring cat and metal artwork to aid the volunteer-run nonprofit.

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In a metal-worthy move, he named a group of stray kittens after Judas Priest songs, igniting a fundraising success for Kitten Rescue. His charitable efforts, alongside other rock legends, helped raise over $160,000 at the 15th Annual Fur Ball Charity Event. It’s no surprise that Dolly Parton saw Rob Halford as the purrfect duet partner for her venture into rock.

Sir Rod Stewart’s Artistic Evolution: From Rock ‘n’ Roll to Swing

In a bold artistic transition, the iconic musician Sir Rod Stewart, renowned for his rock ‘n’ roll anthems, unveils his passion for exploring new horizons in the world of music. At the age of 78, collaborating with piano maestro Jools Holland, Stewart has recorded a forthcoming swing album, eagerly anticipated by fans and music enthusiasts alike.

Sir Rod Stewart's Artistic Evolution: From Rock 'n' Roll to Swing
Rod Stewart’s Evolutionary Shift

Rod Stewart’s Evolutionary Shift

In a candid interview on BBC Breakfast, Sir Rod Stewart elucidates his artistic aspirations, clarifying that he is not retiring but embracing new musical frontiers. Reflecting on his previous successes with the Great American Songbook, Stewart reveals his eagerness to delve further into the enchanting realm of swing music.

The collaboration with Jools Holland promises to deliver a fresh perspective on this timeless genre. It will be breathing new life into Stewart’s illustrious career.

Moving Beyond the Familiar

In addition to his artistic metamorphosis, the singer is making significant changes on a personal level. Reports suggest he is bidding farewell to his Los Angeles home, signaling a return to his native United Kingdom.

The allure of spending more time in Britain is enhanced by his wife Penny’s commitment as a volunteer officer in London. Their shared enthusiasm for a fulfilling life away from the American spotlight has drawn them closer to their British roots, forging a deeper connection to their homeland.

Moving Beyond the Familiar

A Harmonious Intersection

While Sir Rod Stewart embarks on this new swing-inspired chapter, he emphasizes that his musical evolution still retains elements of rock ‘n’ roll. Singing alongside Jools Holland’s band, the boundaries between the two genres blur, offering an electrifying fusion that hints at Stewart’s rock ‘n’ roll legacy.

Though chart-topping hits like “Maggie May” may take a backseat for now, the allure of his unmistakable voice remains intact as he ventures into the captivating world of swing melodies.