Senior Living Community Residents Go All-Out for Dolly Parton’s Birthday

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Upon delving into Dolly Parton’s book Behind the Seams, Lindsay Charlefour, the life enrichment director at Waltonwood Main Senior Living community in Rochester Hills, Michigan, found inspiration for the center’s upcoming theme week. Charlefour, 41, began considering the idea of celebrating and exploring the life of the country diva. The calendar quickly filled as she realized the possibilities and activities that could be incorporated.

Bunch of Fun Activities to Celebrate Dolly

The festivities surrounding Dolly Parton’s 78th birthday on January 19th were full of information like an informative session about her cherished butterflies, a dinner featuring food from her native Tennessee, including dishes like chicken, dumplings, and butterscotch pie, and a book drive to support her Imagination Library.

On another occasion, aiming to replicate Dollywood’s renowned stampede, Charlefour arranged for a pony named Macho from a nearby farm to join the festivities. Macho even sported a Dolly-esque blonde wig, a charming touch that Charlefour notes was not only entertaining but also therapeutic, considering the soothing effect animals can have.

Immersive Dolly Parton Experience

Charlefour took on the task of scouring Michigan for Dolly Parton CDs and memorabilia, creating diverse exhibits throughout the community. She aimed to provide residents with immersive experiences, allowing them to not only hear but see, touch, and interact with the displays. The more knowledge they gained, the more likely she felt they’d be to develop an affection for Dolly, a sentiment she passionately expresses.

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Toni Alexander, 98, was not particularly familiar with the country star before the month-long festivities. Gifted with Behind the Seams as a holiday present from her daughter, Alexander passed it along to Charlefour for consideration. Reflecting on her newfound admiration, Alexander shares she admires Dolly and is now a lifelong fan. Charlefour’s heart swelled with joy upon hearing such heartfelt comments from the residents.

Katie Alice Greer — Starting Over Solo & Rebuilding Her Sound

Katie Alice Greer released a new album — Barbarism — which emerged after 18 months alone in her room. The solo album is full of surreal language, distorted noise, and disorienting melody.

Katie Alice Greer

The Existential Crossroads Katie Alice Greer Was Facing

Katie Alice Greer began making Barbarism in early 2020. She was reeling from the recent breakup of Priests, the infamous band she’d led for the past eight years in DC. It was one of the most essential rock acts of the 2010s throwing up unforgettable shows in crowded basements and clubs that have since closed.

It wasn’t until their second album in 2019, The Seduction of Kansas, that the ties that bound them together started fraying. There was a lot of tension between the members which resulted in group therapy in an attempt to save the band. Greer felt she reached a breaking point and made an agreement with her bandmates to put Priests on indefinite hiatus. The band played a final show in Brooklyn giving their fans a bittersweet moment of closure on December 31, 2019.

Priests live

Moving to California & Starting Over

Katie Alice Greer said that it felt “too heartbreaking” for her to stay in DC and decide to move to California. It was a very difficult first year that created an even more emotionally intense situation for the artist.

She was working in her “tiny little bedroom” which was the smallest possible room to be recording in. This is where the pop songs “Fake Nostalgia,” “I wanna go outside,” and “Captivated” were born.

Shot from "Captivated" music video

The artist releases Barbarism on FourFour Records which was co-founded by Jonathan Galkin who was a longtime Priests fan and has been trying to sign Katie Alice Greer since one of the band’s first releases ever.

Currently, Greer is working on plans to perform Barbarism live in LA and New York and this is definitely something to look forward to.