Drivers Warned About Popular Defrosting Hack Which Can Cause a Lot of Damage

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Anyone who has been stuck sitting in a freezing-cold car while waiting for their windows to defrost in the winter has probably googled a hack for helping things along. Most people know not to pour hot water on their windshield, but there are other “hacks” out there that people think are safe but aren’t.

The Truth About the Latest Trend

There’s a “trick” to defrosting windshields that’s been flying around social media, especially TikTok, which shows people using a plastic bag filled with hot water to defrost their windshields. They drag the bag across, and the ice magically melts.

But Dorry Potter from National Scrap Car says that despite the temptation to try it, it’s not a good idea. According to her, it might cause cracks in your glass that grow nastier over time. So, before using this hack, think twice, because you may end up damaging your windshield.

Warning Against DIY Defrosting

Using anything heated on your auto glass can lead to tiny cracks that can lead to the entire windshield shattering if hit just right. Potter says that the best way to defrost your windshield is to use products made specifically for the task. An even better option is to avoid the frosted mess altogether by using a windscreen cover.

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You just pop it over the windshield in the evening, and in the morning you can get up and go without the whole thawing process, making mornings faster and hassle-free. Sure, cardboard or old towels might do the trick, but they’re easily moved by wind or rain and are less likely to stay put. You can even park your car so it’s facing east, meaning the ice will melt as the sun rises in the morning and warms things up.

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