Eating Could Be the Solution for Jet Lag, Scientists Find

Eating Could Be the Solution for Jet Lag, Scientists Find

Anyone who has traveled across several time zones on a flight is probably familiar with the ever-frustrating jet lag. However, scientists may have found a new way to fight that feeling: eating. Sounds awesome, right? Keep on reading to find out how food can help you get more energized.

What Causes Jet Lag?

European travelers may not get jet lag that often due to experiencing only a few hours of the time difference, but flying from the US to Asia, for example, is likely to provoke this dreaded feeling. Over the years, many have just accepted that you just have to wait for it to disappear. However, new research by scientists shows that there may be a way to get rid of it sooner. It looks like the secret to fighting jet lag is eating.

What causes jet lag is the innate biological clock in humans being thrown off. This clock, called the circadian rhythm, regulates when we get tired and when we’re more alert. Signs you may have jet lag are finding it hard to sleep at night or stay awake during the day, lower concentration, indigestion, nausea, changes in appetite, and more.

The Jet Lag Remedy

Now, you’re probably curious to know how eating can help. Scientists claim that having a single large meal, like what you’d typically have for dinner, is what you should go for first thing in the morning. Going for a walk in the sunshine may help, too, if the place you’ve traveled to is warm.

The Jet Lag Remedy

However, the older you get, the less likely it is for this tip to work for you, so you may just need to wait it out. So the next time you travel somewhere that you’ll deal with jet lag, enjoy a nice dinner-for-breakfast meal and get rid of that tired feeling more quickly.

Aretha Franklin Has Been Named the Best Singer of All Time

Aretha Franklin

Young and old souls all over the globe are familiar with the powerful force of nature that is Aretha Franklin. Unfortunately, she left this world and the music charts in 2018, but people will remember her name throughout the generations. Her songs were all hits and enjoyed by every generation. That’s why she has been named The Best Singer of All Time five years after her departure!

Aretha Franklin Is Number One

Aretha Franklin circa 1967

The woman was a gift from heaven, a force of nature, pure power, as many outlets have stated, and that’s still true even though she passed away five years ago at the age of 76. All those statements will probably still have weight way into the future. After her 1967 big hit “R.E.S.P.E.C.T,” there was no stopping her. She hit the stage with passion and did not quit! Now, she’s named The Best Singer of All Time by a list of 200 people!

Whitney Houston Follows Suit

Whitney Houston

Not a singer to ignore, Whitney Houston is another influential woman with popular hits whose name will be remembered long into the future. She left us, sadly, in 2012 when she passed away at the age of 46. But that does not stop her from being dubbed number two on the list, right after Miss Aretha Franklin!

Mariah Carey Is Not Far Behind

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey falls fifth on the Best Singers list, right up there in the top 10. She has sung some sensational hits, like most people’s all-time holiday favorite, “All I Want for Christmas.” Along with Miss Aretha and Whitney Houston, Mariah’s songs and beautiful voice will continue to be heard way into the future.

Countless singers will be forever remembered for their energy-filled performances, strong voices, and overall powerful appearance, and many names will still be heard way into the future. That undoubtedly includes the female singer dubbed The Best Singer of All Time – our queen, Aretha Franklin!