Scientists Have Determined That Some People Can Smell Rain Coming

Most people know what it’s like in times when it rains almost every day, but few realize that there are some who can actually smell the rain coming. These people can predict rain on the horizon due to a smell analogous to the one that is typical after rain. This claim has even started debates on social media.

People Can Smell Rain Coming

Scientists Have Determined That Some People Can Smell the Rain Coming
People Can Smell Rain Coming

The fact that people can smell the rain before it comes has divided public opinion. Some believe they can definitely smell it, and others who can’t are certain that smelling rain before it arrives is a myth. So, what does science have to say to prove or disprove this one? Apparently, there is evidence to prove that some people actually do have that ability.

The ability to smell the rain before it arrives has a lot to do with the ability to smell the scent of petrichor, which occurs after rain. This smell is produced by a chemical called geosmin, and it is produced by a soil bacteria that releases it. The human body’s ability to smell geosmin is pretty impressive, beyond even the ability of sharks to detect blood. Petrichor becomes most prevalent after rain. The raindrops hit the ground and flatten it, and then it traps pockets of air that bubble up like tiny aerosols and takes whatever chemicals and microorganisms happen to be around. The smell appears when they are released into the air.

Ozone Smells of an Incoming Storm

Ozone Smells of an Incoming Storm

How people can smell the rain before it arrives is related to the chemical ozone, which also has a distinct smell, but it is even sweeter than petrichor, making it detectable. The scent of ozone can indicate the near arrival of rain because some ozone gas is pushed to the ground by the winds originating from an approaching storm. This means that the ozone in the air is at the level in which human nostrils are likely to pick them up.

The argument should be settled by this data and the opinion of scientists, but it is still ongoing because some people are completely unable to detect ozone in the same way with their noses.

The 2022 CMA Awards Will Have Kelsea Ballerini, Miranda Lambert, and More

CMA Awards 2022 logo

The Country Music Association revealed the first round of performers for the 2022 CMA Awards, less than two weeks before the Nov. 9 ceremony, and they include Miranda Lambert, Kelsea Ballerini, Carrie Underwood, Morgan Wallen, and Lainey Wilson. An all-star homage to the late Loretta Lynn will kick off the show. Carly Pearce, the Zac Brown Band, Jimmie Allen, Kelly Clarkson, Hardy, and the show’s co-host Luke Bryan have all been confirmed as performers.

The 56th CMA Awards

At 8 p.m., ABC will broadcast the 56th iteration of the show. Peyton Manning, a legendary player in the game of football, and Luke Bryan will start the performance on Nov. 9 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT from Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena.

Miranda Lambert, Kelsea Ballerini

The CMA Awards also revealed the songs for this first round of performers, many of which had collaborations that had their roots in more recent releases. For instance, Ballerini will perform “You’re Drunk, Go Home”, a female anthem from her most recent album, with Pearce and Clarkson, two other musicians who worked as a trio with her on the song. Wilson and Hardy will perform their current duet, “Wait in the Car.”

Even King Will Be There!

King, a blues singer-guitarist, will perform with the Brown Band live alongside Allen, the current CMA new artist of the year, on their song “Out in the Middle,” as he does on their album. Among the solo performances is Lambert’s interpretation of “Geraldene,” Underwood’s rendition of “Hate My Heart,” Wallen’s appearance on stage with his hit song “You Proof,” and Bryan’s live performance of “Country On.” In the 15 days leading up to the performance, further performances are expected to be announced.

CMA Awards 2022 poster

Wilson, who had the most CMA Awards nominations this year, with six, is followed by Pearce, Ashley McBryde, Chris Stapleton, and songwriter/producer Shane McAnally, who each received five. Cody Johnson, writer-producer Josh Osbourne, Underwood, Luke Combs, Hardy, and Midland are all triple-nominated, while Cody Johnson and Josh Osbourne each have four nominations coming into the show. The competitors for the top entertainer of the year title are Lambert, Underwood, Stapleton, first-time nominee Wallen and last year’s winner, Combs.