4 Ways to Stop a Runny Nose that Actually Work

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Having a runny nose can be annoying and disruptive, especially when there’s a cold going around. There are different things that can make a nose run, like viruses, allergies, and more. To take care of this issue, it’s important to understand why it’s happening and how to fix it, so here are some common causes and ways to deal with it.

What Makes a Nose Go

A runny nose is usually caused by things like the common cold. But if it keeps happening when you’re in certain places or during certain times of the year, it might be because of allergies. That means that a nose can get all stuffed up because of things in the air that people are allergic to.

Sometimes, it’s due to something called vasomotor rhinitis, where the nervous system isn’t controlling the mucus in the nose right. This can happen because of things like cold weather, food, or changes in temperature. In rare cases, a runny nose may be connected to the brain and the fluid that protects it. This is usually because of a head injury or high pressure in the brain, and this means special medical help is necessary.

Ways to Stop a Running Nose

To deal with a runny nose, people have to treat what’s causing it. Taking a steamy shower can help right away by clearing up the nose. Breathing in steam can also open up the nasal passages and ease the pressure.

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Another trick people try is to use over-the-counter stuff like nasal sprays to clear the nose. Those should be used with care because if used too often, you could end up with even more congestion. A safer choice is a neti pot. It’s a way to wash out the mucus using a saltwater solution. Clean water should be used, not tap water, in order to avoid infections. There are saline packets for neti pots available at most drugstores.

Saline Rinses and Dealing With Allergies

Another option is the squeeze bottle saline rinse. After that, a follow-up with a prescription nasal spray with anti-inflammatory or antihistamine ingredients like triamcinolone and azelastine is a good idea. These can bring some big relief, but a doctor has to figure out which one is the best choice.

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Getting rid of things in the environment that can cause allergic reactions can also help against a leaky nose. Blowing a nose the right way, getting enough sleep, using a humidifier, and staying hydrated are some other things that can help with a running nose situation and clear up a stuffed nose.

Here Are Some Popular Asian Dessert Recipes

This collection of Asian dessert recipes showcases the diverse flavors and culinary methods employed across the continent. From China to Indonesia, India to Japan, and Sri Lanka to the Philippines, these desserts exemplify the delicious sweet treats that can be found throughout Asia. Ingredients such as ube, pandan, matcha, sesame, mango, miso, and coconut take center stage.

Here Are Some of the Most Popular Asian Dessert Recipes
Asian Desserts

Amazing Asian Dessert Recipes

Whether it is for a delightful Diwali treat, a special dessert for the Lunar New Year, or simply a satisfying conclusion to a meal, this compilation of Asian dessert recipes will undoubtedly satisfy any enthusiast’s taste buds.

Black Tahini–Chocolate Mochi Mooncakes These Vietnamese mooncakes feature a nutty, smooth black tahini and chocolate filling. The chewy mochi coating can be plain or flavored with matcha powder.

Yin-Yang Tang Yuan (Sweet Sticky Rice Balls in Soup) This Chinese dessert soup consists of rice flour dough balls filled with black sesame seeds in a sweet broth. It symbolizes harmony and togetherness.

Mini Mangonada Floats Combining Mexican mangonadas and Filipino mango floats, this dessert offers layers of graham crackers, whipped cream, and fresh mango.

Ombré Coconut Burfi Cake With a purple and white ombré coat of sweetened coconut, this cake features a tender crumb and a chewy coconut filling.

Asian Desserts Are Diverse

Asian Desserts Are Diverse

Mango-Cashew Kulfi Pops These frozen treats use concentrated canned mango pulp, cashews, and sweetened condensed milk for a rich and creamy texture.

Putri Salju Pandan (Pandan-Flavored Indonesian “Snow White” Cookies) These melt-in-your-mouth cookies are flavored with pandan, a tropical plant known for its fragrance and vibrant green color.

Coconut Mochi Ice Cream Sandwiches These sandwiches combine sweet glutinous rice flour, sugar, water, and coconut milk in a simple Japanese dough.

Matcha Mochi Matcha powder and coconut milk create the vibrant green color and creamy sweetness of these sweet Japanese rice cakes.

Sweet Sticky Rice With Mangoes and Sesame Seeds This Thai dessert pairs sticky glutinous rice with ripe mangoes and fragrant sesame seeds.

Asian Desserts Are Diverse

Japanese Chestnut Tea Cake This is a not-too-sweet cake with a fine, light crumb achieved through the use of cold butter and chestnut paste.

Chocolate Pudding With Miso Caramel Silky chocolate pudding with miso-enriched caramel offers a blend of savory, bitter, and sweet flavors.

Vietnamese Coffee Sundaes With Peanut Brittle Rich coffee ice cream topped with cinnamon-infused peanut brittle, these sundaes are inspired by the popular Vietnamese iced coffee.

Green Tea Fortune Cookies These large cookies with whimsical fortunes and a hint of green tea flavor can add fun to any gathering.

Coconut Tapioca Pudding With Mango and Lime This creamy Cantonese-style pudding with tapioca pearls, fresh mango, and tangy lime, offers a tropical burst of flavors.