This Neighborhood in Savannah Has Become a Hub for Young Creatives

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Savannah’s Starland District is oozing with vibrant, youthful energy. The city is unique, home to both odes to the past and modern establishments, like pop-up restaurants, art galleries, and unique eateries. Starland District has undergone a big transformation in recent years.

Bridging History and Innovation

Starland, born from the revitalization of the Starland Dairy in 1999 by SCAD grads, has transformed into a vibrant area, with Starland Yard evolving from a dirty parking lot into a social hub for twentysomethings and their furry friends.

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Imagine a community where everything is within walking distance—from breakfast at NaRobia’s Grits & Gravy to exploring artifacts at the Savannah African Art Museum and uncovering vinyl treasures at Graveface Records & Curiosities.

Culinary Chronicles of Starland

Starland boasts a unique range of restaurants that fit the district’s artistic spirit. Whether it’s lunch at Tricks BBQ, an OG establishment, or drinks at Moodright’s, a roadhouse full of neon signs and taxidermy animals, you’re in for a fun experience while eating out.

After eating visitors can go to the iconic Back in the Day Bakery with its chunky biscuits and exquisite brownies. The bakery has been a community anchor since 2002, earning accolades from the James Beard Foundation. You can also try Starland Strange & Bazaar, a very pink bubble-tea boutique.

Pioneering Spirit and Contemporary Flavors

Other emerging restaurants include Garage at Victory North, which opened in 2022 and describes itself as a “modern” Southern restaurant, and Brochu’s Family Tradition, a place that sells both fancy seafood and fried chicken.

Instagram // @starlanddistrict

Despite rising real estate prices, Starland constantly welcomes new establishments. In Starland, each corner holds a story of creativity, resilience, and the pursuit of the strange and beautiful. The neighborhood is a great way to tie the old in with the new.