These Popular Travel Destinations Have Some of the Most Affordable Monthly Rents — Perfect for Digital Nomads and Retirees

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Home rentals are getting more and more expensive. Luckily, Europe has some great cities that have affordable prices. These places are perfect for remote workers and retirees and give you the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in different cultures. Here are a few places to consider.

The Most Affordable European Cities

If you’re considering a long-term rental, there are four markets you should focus on – Stockholm, Vienna, Helsinki, and Lisbon. One vacation management company has determined the average rent per square meter and listed the most expensive and cheapest places.

Lisbon sits at the top of the list thanks to its $21 per square meter. In addition, Portugal is also considered the best country to retire. The capital can offer much more affordable rentals than other Western European cities. Lisbon has a warm climate, beautiful beaches, local culture, and great food. It’s a popular option among remote workers, especially those in tech and startups.

Choose Helsinki for a Happy Life

Finland was named the happiest country in the world, so it’s not particularly surprising that its capital, Helsinki, is the second most affordable city. According to the research, you’ll have to spend around $911 monthly for a 466-square-foot apartment.

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In September, if you don’t insist on living in the city center, you can even find more affordable rentals in the neighborhoods of Alpilla and Kallio. Over there, you can come across a similar property for about $1,176 and a studio for $961.

Vienna and Stockholm

Vienna and Stockholm are also among the affordable European destinations. The average rent prices per square meter in both cities are similar at around $22.50. However, keep in mind that the apartments in Vienna are much smaller ($862 for 413 square feet) than those in the Swedish capital ($1,124 for 539 square feet).

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If you’re curious about the priciest markets for rent, New York and San Francisco take the lead with sky-high rates at $3,325 and $2,987. London is third with $2,208, followed by Boston, Washington DC, Miami, and Los Angeles.

This Cheese-Shaped Cabin in Wisconsin Is on an Off-the-Grid Sheep Farm — How to Book a Stay

This Cheese-Shaped Cabin in Wisconsin Is on an Off-the-Grid Sheep Farm — How to Book a Stay

Have you heard of a cheese-shaped cabin? Now’s your chance to experience the farm life. This unique Airbnb in Wisconsin looks like a piece of Swiss cheese, paying homage to the state’s cheese-making heritage. 90% of Wisconsin’s milk is turned into cheese, and you can find over 600 varieties.

The Cheese-Shaped Cabin

The cabin only consists of one room and gives you the perfect opportunity to get away from the city for a weekend. It’s got limited electricity supplied by a portable solar generator, so you can only use small appliances and you haven’t got any Wi-Fi. There’s not even running water! If you’re desperate to cruise the internet or use a toilet in peace, though, you can pop up to the main farmhouse.

The Cheese-Shaped Cabin

The cabin is located on a sheep farm, and you’ll wake up to the sounds of the free-range animals like the sheep and birds. There’s plenty to explore between fishing in the trout stream and hiking through the woods, and it wouldn’t be a rural getaway without a bonfire and smores! Whatever you choose, you’ll connect with nature on another level.

So, What’s the Price?

How exactly did Etienne W., the host, end up making a cheese-shaped cabin on her Wisconsin sheep farm? Airbnb has something called the OMG! Fund, which helps Airbnb hosts create the “Airbnb of their dreams,” and Etienne received a $100,000 grant from this fund.

So, What’s the Price?

If you’re wondering about other weird OMG! Airbnbs, they’re definitely out there. You can stay in a giant avocado in Mexico, a giant Dutch clog in the Netherlands, and even a South African stargazing stone igloo! Rates for this cheesy (both literally and figuratively) cabin start at $220 a night, so go check it out!